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Top 5 Reasons to Choose RXND

1. Focused
We focus on what we do best instead of trying to expand our field of expertise unreasonably. Unlike most language service providers that handle over a hundred different languages, we only handle 9 languages which we are best at.

2. Our People
Our project managers and language experts not only are highly educated professionals with extensive experience but also expertise in their subject area.

3. Time and Quality Management
Our solid work flow system and quality control process enable us to get projects done in timely manner with the highest quality and accuracy.

4. Productivity and Consistency  
All our language professionals are proficient with Translation Memory (TM) tools, which enables us to reduce cost to client, decrease time-to-market for large scale projects, and improve consistency in use of terminology and style.

5. Communication & Confidentiality
We are very quick and prompt to respond to our clients' queries and we communicate in both friendly and professional manner. Also, we are committed to maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of information obtained from our clients because we understand that information is the most valuable asset for your business.

Why choose us?

Selecting the right language service provider is one of the most important steps in the successful establishment of any global business project.

Unlike most language service providers that claim to handle some 150 to 200 languages, we focus only on serving what we do best.


Our experience of over 9 years in the language industry has given us a clear evidence that handling too many languages by a language service provider creates a higher chance of errors and decreased quality in the services it provides. Many will promise you many things but not too many will give you back what they promised.

Please read the Top 5 Reasons to Choose RXND on the right panel to find out more about why you should choose us.





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