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Top 5 Reasons to Choose RXND

1. Focused
We focus on what we do best instead of trying to expand our field of expertise unreasonably. Unlike most language service providers that handle over a hundred different languages, we only handle 9 languages which we are best at.

2. Our People
Our project managers and language experts not only are highly educated professionals with extensive experience but also expertise in their subject area.

3. Time and Quality Management
Our solid work flow system and quality control process enable us to get projects done in timely manner with the highest quality and accuracy.

4. Productivity and Consistency  
All our language professionals are proficient with Translation Memory (TM) tools, which enables us to reduce cost to client, decrease time-to-market for large scale projects, and improve consistency in use of terminology and style.

5. Communication & Confidentiality
We are very quick and prompt to respond to our clients' queries and we communicate in both friendly and professional manner. Also, we are committed to maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of information obtained from our clients because we understand that information is the most valuable asset for your business.

Our quality control process

1. Select the right people
Aside all the basic skills required of all professional linguists- the ability to write clear and comprehensive sentences, excellent language and translation skills, and native-level command of the language into which they are translating, we select our language professionals based not only on their linguistic skills but also on their expertise because they must understand the subject matter they are translating as well as the audience the work is targeted at. 

2. Utilize translation technology
All our language experts utilize the state of the art Translation Memory (TM) tools such as SDL Trados when they are translating/proofreading documents so that the writing style and the terminology are kept consistent throughout the document as much as possible. TM tools also reduce the time to translate/proofread, resulting in faster turnaround and reduced cost to our clients.

3. Extensive cross-examinations
To ensure accuracy of the translated materials and to minimize chances of errors, we require that at least two proofreaders who also are the professional translators, native speakers of the target language, and experts in the subject matter will closely examine and revise all content from start to end. The revised work then will be verified by the original translator for final confirmation.

4. Customer feedback
Each of our project managers who will serve as the single contact point for each client will ask for their client’s input at different stages of the work process to ensure that the work is being done based on your specific needs and to resolve any technical and/or linguistic issues. At the end of the project, the project managers discuss with their clients all aspects of the translation project and revise the work, where necessary, until the clients are 100% satisfied.

5. Post-project assessment
Our project managers will ask the client to fill out our Customer Satisfaction Survey which will be used as a guide to serve our clients better in the future. They will also review the quality of the overall work, summarize the lessons learned, and make suggestions for improvements to our linguists.

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